Explore Falconry 

General Falconry Information: If you are looking for information on falconry and how to become a falconer, or want to connect with other falconers check out these websites.

North America Falconers Association (NAFA)

The Modern Apprentice

North America Falconers Exchange

Raptor’s Nest

The Peregrine Fund

American Falconry Magazine

State and Federal Information

U.S. Fish and Wildlife State Offices: Find specific information for your state.

United States and Canadian State Associations (If you do not see your club, let us know and we will add you to the list)

Alabama Hawking Association

Arkansas Hawking Association

Alberta Falconry Association

California Hawking Club

Colorado Hawking Club

Connecticut Falconers Association

Florida Falconers Association

Georgia Falconry Association

Idaho Falconers Association

Illinois Falconers Organization

Indiana Falconers Association

Iowa Falconers Association

Kansas Hawking Club

Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust

Michigan Hawking Club

Minnesota Falconers Association

Missouri Falconers Association

New Jersey Falconry Club

New York State Falconry Association

New Mexico Falconers Association

North Carolina Falconers Guild

Ohio Falconry Association

Oklahoma Falconers Association

Ontario Hawking Club

Oregon Falconers Association

Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust

Peregrine Club of Philadelphia

Quebecoise des Fauconniers et Autoursiers

Saskatchewan Falconry Association

Saskatchewan Falconers Club

Scottish Hawking Club

South Carolina Falconry Association

Texas Hawking Association

Cheshire Hawking Club

Utah Falconers Association

Virginia Falconers Association

Washington Falconers Association