Marshall Radio---FM UHF 500 Digital Receiver

Marshall Radio—FM UHF 500 Digital Receiver

Marshall Radio—FM UHF 500 Digital Receiver

The Marshall UHF receiver design offers the most sensitivity available in a dedicated tracking receiver for falconry, yet in a very small, durable package that can be used even in wet outdoor conditions.  The 433-434 Mhz range is completely legal throughout Europe and works equally well throughout the world from the rice fields of Japan, the vast plains of North America to the hot deserts of the Arab Gulf.

As with all Marshall receivers the features include:

*Better sound (speakers top and bottom)

*Ultra compact case design featuring ‘Quick Release’ handle

*Improved LED front lighting of the control panel for night tracking

*Improved water resistance for use in wet weather

*Marshall’s exclusive collapsible yagi antenna with cable-free operation

*Polyphase filters for background noise reduction while increasing the effective range

Note: The use of this UHF receiver in the USA and Canada requires the user to apply for a Ham Radio License (easily obtained by paying a small fee and passing a written test).  Once done, the user is now a legal ‘station’ and is able to use the quiet UHF band and at much higher power levels. To legally use telemetry on this band, your transmitter must broadcast your station ID (Ham Radio Call Sign) once every ten minutes in Morse Code (a feature exclusive to Marshall UHF transmitters).  You simply provide us with your Call Sign and we’ll include it in each of your UHF transmitters

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The FM UHF 500 Receiver covers a broader range of 433 or 434 Mhz: 433.500 to 434.000 Mhz 434.000 to 434.500 MHz Please choose one of these options below.


Price: $895.95

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