Marshall Radio-- FM1000 UHF Receiver

Marshall Radio– FM1000 UHF Receiver

Marshall Radio– FM1000 UHF Receiver

The Marshall FM1000 UHF receiver design offers the most sensitivity available in a dedicated tracking receiver for falconry, yet in a very small, durable package that can be used even in wet outdoor conditions.  As with all Marshall receivers the features include:

*Better sound (speakers top and bottom)

*Ultra compact case design featuring ‘Quick Release’ handle

*Improved LED front lighting of the control panel for night tracking

*Improved water resistance for use in wet weather

*Marshall’s exclusive collapsible yagi antenna with cable-free operation

*Polyphase filters for background noise reduction while increasing the effective range

Additional Description More Details

The Arab Gulf FM1000 covers a full radio band of one of the following: 432, 433, 434, 435 or 436 Mhz. Please choose one of these radio bands below.


Price: $1,295.95

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