Marshall---Micro Transmitter - LEG MOUNT

Marshall—Micro Transmitter – LEG MOUNT

Marshall—Micro Transmitter – LEG MOUNT

This tiny transmitter is the "Ideal Tail Mount" for all sized birds.

  • It weighs only 3.5 grams with the battery yet is a high-power
  • Long range design putting 1/3 the weight on a single tail feather
  • The  new Micro doesn't fade out or die in low temperature situations.
  • It is perfect for small specialty birds: Merlins, Sharp-Shinned hawks and other extremely small raptors.
  • Antenna can be ordered  with a 'fine' or a 'medium' gauge antenna, depending on intended use.
  • Magnetic 'tap on/tap off' switch.
  • A half-length 7-inch antenna with improved power and efficiency over the old Micro.
  • Each unit is burned in for five days and Enviro-tested tested from +150F down to -40F prior to shipping.
  • 1225 3-Volt lithium battery that will power the Micro for up to six days of continuous use (TE185).
  • One year warranty.

Accessories for Marshall Micro Leg Mount Transmitter (please see Radio Accessories)

  • Extra Spring for Marshall's Micro Transmitter (#TE335C)
  • Extra Lid for Marshall's Micro Transmitter (#TE336C)
  • Extra Screw on Antenna-Light Weight for Marshall's Micro Transmitter (#TE337C1)
  • Extra Screw On Antenna-Heavy Weight  for Marshall's Micro Transmitter (#TE337C2)
  • Extra Battery-Lithium 3-v #CR1225 Battery for Marshall's Micro Transmitter  (#TE185I)
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Price: $225.95

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