Transmitter Signal Finder

Transmitter Signal Finder

Transmitter Signal Finder

The Signal Finder is a compact, wide-banded receiver designed to verify the operation of telemetry transmitters.  Simply locate the Finder next to your transmitter,  hold the button down to turn it on and,  if your transmitter is working the Finder will both beep and flash an LED light.  Transmitters equipped with a magnetic switch may also be turned on and off with the Signal Finder's internal magnet for single-step operation.


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Features include: *Durable weather-resistant case. *Magnet for turning transmitter ON and OFF. *Push button operation prevents battery drain when not in use. *Micropressor-controlled signal detection algorithm. *LED and Tone indicators signal the transmitter is operational. *LED and Tone indicators also signal the battery tester is functioning. *Comes with lanyard. Specifications: Dimensions: 2.24 inches long x 1.34 inches wide x o.4 inches thick Weight: 0.6 oz/15g Frequency Coverage: 150 to 450 Mhz/No tuning required Battery: Easty to replace CR2032 Battery

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Price: $44.95

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