Marshall--- Powermax Transmitter - TAIL MOUNT ONLY

Marshall— Powermax Transmitter – TAIL MOUNT ONLY

Marshall— Powermax Transmitter – TAIL MOUNT ONLY

This is the most powerful transmitter you can buy for use within the United States. It has over twice the power output of the RT transmitter and gives you over 50% more distance in the field. This is the ideal tail-mounted transmitter for far-ranging longwings or falcons over 20 ounces in weight.

The Powermax has a short, safe, six inch long antenna that is nearly impossible to get wrapped around an object risking feather loss. Some features include a low-battery indicator that emits a double beep when you've only got three days of continuous life left in the battery.

A magnetic ON/OFF switch lets the transmitter be turned on or off with the touch of a magnet to the top of the transmitter. Battery life is greatly extended by leaving the transmitter on the bird and "touching" it with the magnet just before it is flown to turn it on. Touch it again after the flight to turn it off and avoid interference with other transmitters.

The PowerMax is available ONLY for tail mounting.

  • Antenna length is 9.5"
  • Uses one size 1632 lithium 3-v battery for up to five days of continuous use, TE-185E.
  • Choose a frequency from 216, 217, 218, or 219 MHz.
  • One year warranty.

Accessories for Marshall Powermax Transmitter (please see Radio Tracking Accessories and Batteries)

  • Extra Spring for Marshall's Powermax Transmitter (#TE335A)
  • Extra Lid for Marshall's Powermax Transmitter (#TE336A)
  • Extra Screw On Antenna for Marshall's Powermax Transmitter (#TE337A)
  • Extra Battery-Lithium 3-V #1632 Battery for Marshall's Powermax  Transmitter  (TE185E)
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Price: $245.95

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