Wildlife Materials ~ TRX-2000S Receiver

Wildlife Materials ~ TRX-2000S Receiver

Wildlife Materials ~ TRX-2000S Receiver

Wildlife Materials TRX-2000S is a compact (7"X4"x4.5") and sensitive (-150dBm) rechargeable receiver capable of tracking dozens of raptor covering up to two radio bands.

Comes with rechargeable batteries only. Has excellent signal reception and pin-point accuracy. The noise blanking circuit reduces unwanted sound. The TRX-2000S can monitor up to 400 radio signals on 2 full frequencies.


  • Recharger
  • DC power cord
  • Carrying Case

Extra Info:

  • Choose any 2 bands no more than 4 MHz apart
  • Expanded frequency range helps avoid interference on crowded bands
  • Tracks twice as many birds  as the TRX-1000S
  • Responsive to both strong and weak signals for precise locating
  • Attenuator switch reduces swamping to allow for close-in tracking
  • Flashing LED matchs signal beep
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds; 7" x 4" x 4 1/2" dimensions
  • Rechargeable nicad batteries provide 6-8 tracking hours on full charge
  • DC cord can operate receiver from vehicle's 12 v cigarette lighter
  • Recharge unit
  • DC power cord
  • Carrying case included with each receiver
  • Lid-mounted throwaway batteries
  • Crystal controlled synthesizer tunes in up to 200 frequencies per band
  • Noise Blanking Circuit reduces unwanted signals
  • Signal meter needle deflects to show signal strength, matching beep
  • Signal meter is backlit to enhance night tracking
  • Earphone jack
  • Pulsing LED light showing transmitter pulse
  • Attenuator for close-in tracking
  • Power by rechargeable nicad batteries
  • DC recharger
  • DC power cord for vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Rugged nylon case with shoulder strap
  • Disposable Batteries in lid.
  • Warranty: Five (5) Years


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Price: $1,064.95

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