TrackPack Mounting System ~ Marshall

TrackPack Mounting System ~ Marshall

TrackPack Mounting System ~ Marshall

The Marshall TrackPack is a backpack mounting method which has been used in various ways by research biologists for many years, with some better than others. Mark Williams of Alberta Canada refined the best basic design and proved its viability for falconry. This figure eight approach was further simplified and put in to production by Marshall Radio as the "TrackPack Mounting system" to add yet a 4th and safer mounting method. In just seven years it has become a widely used and enthusiastically received mounting option all over the world. It is the 'ready-to-go kit' for the BackPack mounting method:

  • Curved Mounting Plate machined from UV-protected Delrin plastic 36 inches of small width Teflon tubular ribbon
  • Small brass crimping ring produced just for this purpose that's internally threaded for maximum bite into the ribbon when making the final setting.
  • Simply use either flat needle-nose pliers or your existing MRT Tail-piece crimping tool to set the ring in place once the harness is correctly fitted.

Three Sizes:

  • Small (Micro) size for very small birds that fits only the Micro transmitter
  • Medium size accommodates all transmitters
  • Large (Eagle) size with 18 more inches of ribbon

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