Marshall Micro Transmitter Antenna's - Tail & Leg

Marshall Micro Transmitter Antenna’s – Tail & Leg

Marshall Micro Transmitter Antenna’s – Tail & Leg

A straight antenna is important to the process of producing a strong signal. If your antennas are kinked, curled and have been straightened out for the last time, you might consider getting a new one to maintain peak performance.

Field replaceable antennas screw directly on to the transmitter antenna stud.

~ Micro Transmitter Antennas  vary in length depending on the frequency.

~ The Micro uses a 0-80 thread aluminum ferrule, and comes in two gauges: lightweight and heavyweight.

Please indicate in box below the FREQUENCY of your transmitter so we can select the correct length.

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Please select band tuning frequency (MHz) below.

Price: $9.95

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