Custom Quadcopter for Falcon Training & Bird Abatement

Custom Quadcopter for Falcon Training & Bird Abatement

Custom Quadcopter for Falcon Training & Bird Abatement

The training of high flying falcons just got a lot easier and fun with the use the Northwoods  Quadcopter!

Until now,  falconers have been using large kites and helium balloons to tow lures hundreds of feet up into the sky to entice their falcons to climb to higher waiting on positions.  This involved a truck load of gear from large kites,  line winders,  helium tanks,  huge balloons and a constant need to deal with either no wind,  any wind or too much wind. Now,  the use of remote control quadcopters is gaining in popularity worldwide. Our custom built units outperform most other four propeller quadcopters with twice the power, speed and lift.  Falconers involved in bird abatement also find that the addition of a quadcopter used to chase flocks of small birds is an extremely useful tool.   Couple our quadcopter towing a lure with a chasing falcon and you can become the most effective bird abatement company in your area!

For those of you  who are new to this training method,  the quadcopter is a four propeller (there are also six and eight prop models) remote controlled flying device originally designed for aerial photography and now being adapted for many other uses from delivering packages to checking raptor nests!   In the realm of training falcons (and even hawks) it can climb vertically to 2000 feet in seconds,  can tow a lure the size of a sparrow or pigeon,  fly horizontally at high speeds making the falcon chase the lure,  remotely drop a live lure the size of a duck at nose bleed heights and even return to the spot where it was launched by using onboard GPS!   Not only are they a fun way to train but they require a modicum of open space and can be flown effectively in 0-20 mph wind. We designed our quad in collaboration with a Radio Control expert and a handful of falconers both here and abroad.

Here are some of the important features of the Northwoods Quadcopter:

  • *Climbs vertically to a maximum of 2000 ft. 50% faster than the DJI Phantom and easily carries up to an 18 ounce load (live pigeon size bird or lure on a string or a special release box)
  • *Built in altimeter tells you (yes,  speaks to you!) and shows you on the Taranis LCD screen how high the quad is at any given moment in meters or feet.
  • *Built in battery tester tells you  by voice and LCD screen the charge left on the battery.
  • *Comes ready to fly---just minutes to install the nine inch carbon fiber blades,  read the instructions and begin practicing.  We pre-program the Taranis receiver for simple operation from the start.   Experienced RC flyers can go to online apps to further tweak the operation but it is not needed for most falconry applications.
  • *The 6000 mAh lithium battery gives an ample 25 minutes of operation time,   even when towing lures, and is easily changed (that is why we include an extra one).  You can exercise two or more falcons on one battery.  Our high power battery charger can charge the battery in just 30 minutes from your home or off of a car battery in the field.
  • *Built in GPS orients to satellites anywhere in the world and allows the quad to remain in a stationary position at any given height PLUS return to the very spot it took off from!
  • *Comes with an extra battery, 30 minute battery charger that attaches to your car battery or plugs into a home wall outlet (110 or 220 volt),  battery voltage analyzer, programmed state-of-the-art Taranis transmitter and our 18 inch diameter parachute release with small padded lure that attaches to the bottom of the quad.   The falcon or hawk learns to fly up,  grab the lure which then pulls the parachute out of a tube and slows the falcon’s decent to the ground.   Once the falcon grabs the lure you can switch to GPS mode,  put the transmitter down and go retrieve your falcon…the quad slowly decends, lands where it took off and turns itself off!
  • *One year warranty on all electrical and remote control parts.

We recommend you purchase just a few accessories to have on hand:  Extra carbon fiber blade set,  extra landing legs and possibly another battery (comes with two).

We build these in lots of five or more at a time to reduce parts costs and labor .   When you order and pay for your quad,  it may take us up to three weeks to put it together,  test it in the field and ship it to you.  Or,  we may have them in stock for immediate delivery.   Contact us to find out if we have stock on hand.

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