Peregrine Spring by Nancy Cowan

Peregrine Spring by Nancy Cowan

Peregrine Spring by Nancy Cowan

2016. Peregrine Spring is Nancy Cowan's memoir of her thirty years living intimately with raptors. She gives us a new perspective on the relationship between humans and the natural world. Cowan shares her experiences running a world-famous falconry school, and the lessons she's learned from her birds. From retrieving her falcon from the local police 'lock up', to finding her husband in bed with a gyrfalcon, to a heart-breaking race to save her young peregrine from attack by a wild hawk, Cowan's life is a constant, ever-changing adventure.

"Nancy Cowan's Peregrine Spring is the best narrative of a modern falconer's life I know. It's not a how-to, though you can learn plenty from it. Nor does Nancy pose as an all-knowing 'Master', though she is a master---or mistress---of our ancient practice. What she does give us is a falconry pilgrim's progress, from beginner to teacher, with all the thrills and delights and sometimes horrors that accompany the journey."---STEVE BODIO, author of A Rage for Falcons and Eagle Dreams.


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