Hoods, Hooding and Hoodmaking by James West Nelson

Hoods, Hooding and Hoodmaking by James West Nelson

Hoods, Hooding and Hoodmaking by James West Nelson

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on hoods,  hooding and hoodmaking for raptor species from around the world. It is of great value to all raptor aficionados requiring hoods and hooding techniques.  This massive work of almost 600 pages has taken over 18 years to prepare and fine tune and the end result proves it was well worth the effort.  We owe a great deal of thanks to author James West Nelson for his incredible persistence and attention to detail and perfection.  No less praise is due publisher David Frank for tirelessly working with the author to bring this plethora of information to print that will stand the test of time.

The first section describes the hoods themselves, a history of their development and their proper fit and usage.   The second section is dedicated to describing how to properly hood train various raptor species discussing a wide range of approaches to successful hood training.  The third section is devoted to the manufacture of hoods, covering the equipment and materials needed, as well as an array of practical manufacturing techniques for the making of most falconry hoods. Finally,  the appendices cover issues such as hood sizing for most raptor species globally; correct leather types and thicknesses to be applied to a variety of hood types and sizes; and a full array of patterns that should satisfy the hooding needs of all falconers and raptor handlers worldwide.

Hard Cover 582 pp, Hundreds of black and white photos, sketches, diagrams and patterns!

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