Developing the Modern Gamehawk---The Four Week Window and Other Natural Approaches by Lynn Oliphant

Developing the Modern Gamehawk—The Four Week Window and Other Natural Approaches by Lynn Oliphant

2015. This book contains a complete revision of The Four Week Window with three additional sections including seven chapters contributed by other falconers from both North America and Europe. Included in the appendices are actual logs of the development of four different falcons using The Four Week Window approach.

'...The Importance of exposure, practice and repetition during critical periods of development is common to all vertebrates. Because of our own slow development, we often fail to realize how short these windows of opportunity actually are for most other species. For the birds we use in falconry, these windows are measured n weeks or even days rather than years. Our failure to understand this and take it into account results in most of our birds never reaching their full potential; never flying like a wild bird. They become the Chet Atkins who never picked up a guitar until middle age. It also results in a lot of frustration for the falconer who doesn't understand what went wrong.'---Lynn Oliphant

Softbound, BW, 168 pp

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