Artificial Insemination Hat

We sell and use this artificial insemination hat for tercel imprint falcons up to Gyrfalcon size.   It is made from hand molded non-toxic latex rubber with hundreds of small holes to collect and hold valuable sperm samples. Easy to extract samples with a pipette.   Can be cleaned and disinfected using mild dish soap.

Brown color measuring  13 inches diameter x 3 inches deep.   Comes with a fits-all leather cap with chin strap.

Note:  Beware,  do not wear this hat to dinner parties or public venues!


Price: $279.95

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Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics

We have used the Buddy Digital Egg Monitor for the past ten years at the Northwoods Falcon Ranch to test egg fertility of Aplomados, Peregrines, Gyrs and Harris’s Hawks in both artificial and natural incubation locations.  Since that time we have rarely resorted to using an egg candler to determine if an egg is alive from approximately 10 days to hatch. The usefulness of traditional candlers ends once the chick fills the egg the second half of its incubation.  This is where the Buddy really excels by giving you instant monitoring of the chick’s heart rate. The Buddy uses special electronic sensors that amplify any movement or faint heart beat in the egg 20,000 times!  The Buddy Mk2 model is the second version of the Buddy developed for the thicker shells of falcons, hawks and eagles.  It’s new sensor design and placement enables faster detection of the heart rate.

Simply turn the Buddy on, place the egg on the sensor cup and close the lid. You will instantly be given information from the on board LCD screen via a flashing heart, Pulse read out, and three-digit heart rate. Knowing this vital information will help you avoid disaster by mistakenly discarding eggs that may be over the normal hatch date.  Plus, your valuable developing eggs will not be damaged by a hot light from overuse of a candler.

The Buddy, most often located in the incubation room where eggs are closely monitored, can be taken directly into the breeding rooms to quickly check clutches of eggs—helps make the sometimes difficult decisions to double clutch or not based on knowing if the eggs are alive or not.  We have even heard of raptor biologists taking them into the field to check the eggs of wild raptors!

We import them directly from the United Kingdom. Comes ready to use and operates on one 9 volt battery (included).  One year warranty.


Price: $319.95

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Custom Quadcopter for Falcon Training & Bird Abatement

The training of high flying falcons just got a lot easier and fun with the use the Northwoods  Quadcopter!

Until now,  falconers have been using large kites and helium balloons to tow lures hundreds of feet up into the sky to entice their falcons to climb to higher waiting on positions.  This involved a truck load of gear from large kites,  line winders,  helium tanks,  huge balloons and a constant need to deal with either no wind,  any wind or too much wind. Now,  the use of remote control quadcopters is gaining in popularity worldwide. Our custom built units outperform most other four propeller quadcopters with twice the power, speed and lift.  Falconers involved in bird abatement also find that the addition of a quadcopter used to chase flocks of small birds is an extremely useful tool.   Couple our quadcopter towing a lure with a chasing falcon and you can become the most effective bird abatement company in your area!

For those of you  who are new to this training method,  the quadcopter is a four propeller (there are also six and eight prop models) remote controlled flying device originally designed for aerial photography and now being adapted for many other uses from delivering packages to checking raptor nests!   In the realm of training falcons (and even hawks) it can climb vertically to 2000 feet in seconds,  can tow a lure the size of a sparrow or pigeon,  fly horizontally at high speeds making the falcon chase the lure,  remotely drop a live lure the size of a duck at nose bleed heights and even return to the spot where it was launched by using onboard GPS!   Not only are they a fun way to train but they require a modicum of open space and can be flown effectively in 0-20 mph wind. We designed our quad in collaboration with a Radio Control expert and a handful of falconers both here and abroad.

Here are some of the important features of the Northwoods Quadcopter:

  • *Climbs vertically to a maximum of 2000 ft. 50% faster than the DJI Phantom and easily carries up to an 18 ounce load (live pigeon size bird or lure on a string or a special release box)
  • *Built in altimeter tells you (yes,  speaks to you!) and shows you on the Taranis LCD screen how high the quad is at any given moment in meters or feet.
  • *Built in battery tester tells you  by voice and LCD screen the charge left on the battery.
  • *Comes ready to fly—just minutes to install the nine inch carbon fiber blades,  read the instructions and begin practicing.  We pre-program the Taranis receiver for simple operation from the start.   Experienced RC flyers can go to online apps to further tweak the operation but it is not needed for most falconry applications.
  • *The 6000 mAh lithium battery gives an ample 25 minutes of operation time,   even when towing lures, and is easily changed (that is why we include an extra one).  You can exercise two or more falcons on one battery.  Our high power battery charger can charge the battery in just 30 minutes from your home or off of a car battery in the field.
  • *Built in GPS orients to satellites anywhere in the world and allows the quad to remain in a stationary position at any given height PLUS return to the very spot it took off from!
  • *Comes with an extra battery, 30 minute battery charger that attaches to your car battery or plugs into a home wall outlet (110 or 220 volt),  battery voltage analyzer, programmed state-of-the-art Taranis transmitter and our 18 inch diameter parachute release with small padded lure that attaches to the bottom of the quad.   The falcon or hawk learns to fly up,  grab the lure which then pulls the parachute out of a tube and slows the falcon’s decent to the ground.   Once the falcon grabs the lure you can switch to GPS mode,  put the transmitter down and go retrieve your falcon…the quad slowly decends, lands where it took off and turns itself off!
  • *One year warranty on all electrical and remote control parts.

We recommend you purchase just a few accessories to have on hand:  Extra carbon fiber blade set,  extra landing legs and possibly another battery (comes with two).

We build these in lots of five or more at a time to reduce parts costs and labor .   When you order and pay for your quad,  it may take us up to three weeks to put it together,  test it in the field and ship it to you.  Or,  we may have them in stock for immediate delivery.   Contact us to find out if we have stock on hand.


Price: $1,674.95

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Developing the Modern Gamehawk—The Four Week Window and Other Natural Approaches by Lynn Oliphant

2015. This book contains a complete revision of The Four Week Window with three additional sections including seven chapters contributed by other falconers from both North America and Europe. Included in the appendices are actual logs of the development of four different falcons using The Four Week Window approach.

‘…The Importance of exposure, practice and repetition during critical periods of development is common to all vertebrates. Because of our own slow development, we often fail to realize how short these windows of opportunity actually are for most other species. For the birds we use in falconry, these windows are measured n weeks or even days rather than years. Our failure to understand this and take it into account results in most of our birds never reaching their full potential; never flying like a wild bird. They become the Chet Atkins who never picked up a guitar until middle age. It also results in a lot of frustration for the falconer who doesn’t understand what went wrong.’—Lynn Oliphant

Softbound, BW, 168 pp


Price: $36.95

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Game and Leather Cutting Scissors

These short seven inch long stainless steel scissors are indispensable for cutting leather and/or meat for your bird. We have tested them for months both in our shop when making leather products and cutting up hundreds of quail to feed the 75 raptors in our breeding project. The blades remain amazingly sharp and do not become loose like most expensive scissors.  The extra large red handles work well for both right and left handed users and are easy to find when dropped.  An absolute ‘must’ to have in your tool kit!


Price: $7.95

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Hoods, Hooding and Hoodmaking by James West Nelson

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on hoods,  hooding and hoodmaking for raptor species from around the world. It is of great value to all raptor aficionados requiring hoods and hooding techniques.  This massive work of almost 600 pages has taken over 18 years to prepare and fine tune and the end result proves it was well worth the effort.  We owe a great deal of thanks to author James West Nelson for his incredible persistence and attention to detail and perfection.  No less praise is due publisher David Frank for tirelessly working with the author to bring this plethora of information to print that will stand the test of time.

The first section describes the hoods themselves, a history of their development and their proper fit and usage.   The second section is dedicated to describing how to properly hood train various raptor species discussing a wide range of approaches to successful hood training.  The third section is devoted to the manufacture of hoods, covering the equipment and materials needed, as well as an array of practical manufacturing techniques for the making of most falconry hoods. Finally,  the appendices cover issues such as hood sizing for most raptor species globally; correct leather types and thicknesses to be applied to a variety of hood types and sizes; and a full array of patterns that should satisfy the hooding needs of all falconers and raptor handlers worldwide.

Hard Cover 582 pp, Hundreds of black and white photos, sketches, diagrams and patterns!


Price: $59.95

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Nature: Magic of the Snowy Owl

A team of intrepid filmmakers provides an intimate look at the snowy owl, a bird made popular by Harry Potter’s faithful companion Hedwig.  Though “snowies” naturally stand out for their beauty, intelligence and charm, in their eerie, bleak Arctic home it is their determination and survival skills that are truly magical.  PBS Nature.


Price: $21.95

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North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks, Ninth Edition by Frank Beebe, Hal Webster and Contributing Authors

2013. Tnis is one of THE top falconry books ever written addressing almost every aspect of falconry practices in North America.  It is the ninth edition that has now become two massive volumes because so much has been written and added to the sport the past several years.   If you are a rank beginner or have 50 years under your belt you will want, need and cherish the 48 chapters making up 832 pages of collective knowledge.  The reason is it is not just the writings of one or two authors seeing and experiencing falconry from their narrow point of view but chapters contributed by over two dozen noted authors from around the United States and Canada.  That said,  this is money well-spent and two books you will refer back to for many years to come.


*Front Matter: Acknowledgements, Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe, Foreword by Jim Enderson, Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold Melvin Webster, Jr.;

*Forty-eight Chapters in five Sections: Introduction to North American Falconry (11 Chapters), The Broadwings (5 Chapters), The Shortwings (6 Chapters), The Longwings (11 Chapters), Further Reading (15 Chapters);

*Six Appendices: The Hawks of Falconry, Anatomy of a Raptor, Glossary, Bibliography, References, Ango-Indian Hood Chart and Patterns by Jim Nelson, (and Index followed by Advertisers).


Contributing Author Biographies
Dedication to Frank Lyman Beebe by Bob Herrick & William Murrin
Foreword by Prof. James H. Enderson
Introduction: So You Want to be a Falconer by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
The Hawks of Falconry by Stuart E. Rossell
Becoming a Falconer in North America by Frederick W. Holderman – CHC
Hoods & Hooding by Harold Webster, Frank Beebe, & James W. Nelson
Red-tailed Hawk: Manning & Training by William C. Oakes
Red-tailed Hawk: Squirrel Hawking by Gary Brewer
The Harris’ Hawk: Rabbits & Hares by Toby Bradshaw
The Harris’ Hawk: Hunting Birds by Harry McElroy
The Ferruginous Hawk by Dave Daniher
The Merlin by Eric Edwards & Kenneth C. Tuttle
The Aplomado Falcon by James W. Nelson & Harry McElroy
Feather Care, Imping & Coping by Stuart E. Rossell
Hawks & Power Poles by Kirk Hohenberger
Trained Hawks & Bird Abatement by Stuart E. Rossell
Legal Aspects of Falconry by William Murrin
Past, Present, & Future of North American Falconry by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
Final Thoughts by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
Glossary by Frederick W. Holderman – California Hawking Club
Bibliography by Harold M. Webster, Jr.
Anglo-Indian Hood Chart & Patterns Appendix to Hoods & Hooding

Hardbound, Two Volumes in a Slip Case. Hundreds of images, color plates and illustrations. 832 pp


Price: $99.95

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Peregrine Spring by Nancy Cowan

2016. Peregrine Spring is Nancy Cowan’s memoir of her thirty years living intimately with raptors. She gives us a new perspective on the relationship between humans and the natural world. Cowan shares her experiences running a world-famous falconry school, and the lessons she’s learned from her birds. From retrieving her falcon from the local police ‘lock up’, to finding her husband in bed with a gyrfalcon, to a heart-breaking race to save her young peregrine from attack by a wild hawk, Cowan’s life is a constant, ever-changing adventure.

“Nancy Cowan’s Peregrine Spring is the best narrative of a modern falconer’s life I know. It’s not a how-to, though you can learn plenty from it. Nor does Nancy pose as an all-knowing ‘Master’, though she is a master—or mistress—of our ancient practice. What she does give us is a falconry pilgrim’s progress, from beginner to teacher, with all the thrills and delights and sometimes horrors that accompany the journey.”—STEVE BODIO, author of A Rage for Falcons and Eagle Dreams.



Price: $26.95

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Rose: Raising the Eyas Imprint Accipiter

A film by Paul Hofsommer.  This DVD is filmed in 1080p (High Definition), and takes the viewer on a journey that starts out showing a baby Goshawk (Rose) actually hatching; to the point where she is catching six pound hares, six months later.
Equipment is shown and explained in great detail. Also discussed is the reason why the author uses a particular “system” or piece of “Hawk furniture.” There are totally new training techniques and equipment being implemented that the Falconer can use totally by him/herself with no outside help. Twenty years of trial and error have gone into the making of this DVD. 90 minute running time.


Price: $34.95

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The Falconer’s Creed Celebrates Falconry—By falconers Allan and Kristine Marshall

The Falconer’s Creed is a collectible,  limited edition, archival artwork celebrating the sport of falconry and its beliefs around the world. From coast to coast, country to country, all around the world, falconers share very similar beliefs about the sport, and have a deep respect and reverence for birds of prey and nature. Incorporating the two most recognizable images representative of falconry;  the hood and a bird on a gauntlet, along with old-world, letterpress printing, the artwork and text of the Falconer’s Creed combine to create a document that celebrates falconry, unites people and inspires falconers from around the world.

The artwork is hand engraved on brass plates and embossed onto high quality, archival paper.  The text is embossed into the paper using the old world art of letterpress. Using great care and skill, each printed copy is passed by hand through the press seven times to emboss or add a color or portion of the text. Each individually printed copy is uniquely a work or art.  To learn more about the Falconer’s Creed visit the website:


This is frame-able artwork measuring 20.25 inches tall x 16.25 inches wide.   The Falconer’s Creed should grace the home of every falconer and raptor enthusiast around the world.  This is artwork that is worth ten times the price that will be treasured for lifetimes.  Get it while you can.  There were only 1275 made.


Price: $99.95

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Twisted Monofilament Nooses for Making Noose Traps

These ready-to-use nooses are hand made from twisted monofilament line for use on any raptor noose trap. They are dyed earth colors and are non-reflective to avoid spooking suspicious raptors. Break strength is 15-20 lbs., sufficient for trapping all raptors to the size of a Red-tailed Hawk. They measure 6-7 inches long and will form a 2-3 inch diameter noose once fastened to your trap.  Each noose comes with a small metal crimp for easy attachment using a pair of needle nose pliers (and a drop of epoxy glue to keep them upright).  They come in a package of 40 nooses sufficient to cover a Bal Chatri trap,  a dozen for a pigeon noose harness.


Price: $39.95

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Whack It And Stack It

This is a 2016 action packed ‘whack it and stack it’ hawking DVD by experienced falconers in southern California. Tony and Joe Suffredini and Mark Schwaiger give us nearly 30 minutes of non-stop flights at jackrabbits, ducks and pheasant with Goshawks and Golden Eagles. Watch dozens of extraordinary over-the-top chases and catches in wide open fields and waterways.


Price: $29.95

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Wicked Wing Lures

These custom-made spinning and twisting winged lures are irresistible to falcons and hawks whether swung by hand or from a pole. The lures imitate a real flying gamebird whether pheasant, duck, partridge, dove or even houbara. We install the wings to form a ‘propeller effect’ that spins the lure when swung.

The large size is made using two pairs of real dried pheasant wings and pheasant tail attached to a fur-on padded leather body. It measures 9 x 9 inches and weighs 8 ounces.  This size is a great choice for Gyrs, female Red-tail, female Harris’s and female Goshawk size raptors.

The small size is made using two pairs of real dried partridge wing and feather tail attached to a fur-on padded leather body.  It measures 6 x 6 inches and weighs 2.5 ounces. This size is a great choice for tercel Peregrine, tercel Harris’s and tercel Goshawk size raptors.

Either lure comes with meat ties, swivel, lure line and handle. Wings can be replaced using hot glue, cable ties or sewn in.

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