Life-Size Houbara (Two Per Order)

Life-Size Houbara (Two Per Order)

Life-Size Houbara (Two Per Order)

The Northwoods Houbara represents the most lifelike Houbara in the world. We make it from soft durable materials that can be safely hit and grabbed by trained falcons. It is made up of 90 pieces of soft synthetic furs sewn together to accurately represent a real Houbara in a defense posture. Northwoods has made every effort to copy the size, color and defense position that is most intimidating to an approaching falcon. It is most important that your falcon learn to attack a Houbara in the defense position which can scare and stop many falcons from becoming good hunters. Once the falcon will do this over and over they will be ready for real hunting. You can attach a long string to the Houbara to make it shake and attack your falcon to attack. features: * Made of soft synthetic furs that are safe for the falcon to grab or hit. * Wire skeleton can be easily bent to any shape desired. * Houbara disengages from the platform when hit or grabbed by the falcon. * Easily trains several falcons in a single outing. *Comes with special carry bag and wood base to bury in the sand. Houbara attaches to the base with Velcro on its feet. We suggest you also purchase the Houbara Wing Lure for calling your falcon to return.

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Each order comes with two Houbara lures in a special zippered canvas carry bag. Limited supply of these unique lures.

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