Clover Noose Bal Chatri Trap

Clover Noose Bal Chatri Trap

Clover Noose Bal Chatri Trap

Our Clover-Noose Bal Chatri style trap is a revolutionary design incorporating large nooses that are propped up off the trap in a "clover" pattern. This greatly enhances the noosing action once a raptor makes contact. Nooses are 20 lb. invisible mono-filament for catching Red-Tailed Hawks down to Kestrels. The hoop and bungee cord support of the trap allow it to be easily thrown like a Frisbee from a moving vehicle. No extra weight is needed because the rubber-band action of the bungee throws the raptor off balance. The wire dome is made of 1/2 inch square mesh and measures 12 inches in diameter x 3.5 inches tall and can accommodate mice, gerbils, rats, House Sparrows or Starlings. The outer throw ring measures 19 inches in diameter. Trap weighs just under 2 lbs.

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