Grommets in Five Sizes

Grommets in Five Sizes

Grommets in Five Sizes

Solid brass grommets with cone and washer, 25 per bag available in five sizes. Grommets are not self-piercing and require a  Grommet Plier Fastening tool to fasten grommets to leather product.

Grommet Sizes:

  • Size 00 (TH230) --- for Merlins to Tercel Peregrine size
  • Size 0 (TH240) --- for tercel and female Peregrine, Tercel Harris' to Gyrfalcon size
  • Size 1 (TH250) --- for female Gos, Harris' and Red-tail size
  • Size 2 (TH260) --- for really big female Red-tails and Great Horned Owls
  • Size 3 (TH270) --- for eagles

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Price: Starting at $4.95

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