Grommet Pliers

Grommet Pliers

Grommet Pliers

Do you enjoy casting your bird to put on a new set of anklets? Makes me "sweat bullets"! And no doubt your bird doesn't think highly of it either! That's why we developed these grommet pliers. These grommet pliers are made from the original "Vise-Grip" plier. This is a high quality plier with welded crimpers for a lifetime of use.

Just hood your bird, place it on an assistant's fist or a perch and within a few minutes you're done and everyone is still happy!

One grommet size per plier.

  • Small "00" Grommet Pliers (TH205) --- 3/16" Inch Diameter Hole-for Merlins/Tercel Peregrines
  • Medium "O" Grommet Pliers (TH210) --- 1/4" Inch Diameter Hole---Tercel Peregrines/Gyrfalcon
  • Large "1" Grommet Pliers (TH215) --- 5/16" Inch Diameter Hole---Large Accipiters/ Buteos/Harris Hawks
  • Extra Large "2" Grommet Pliers (TH220) --- 3/8" Inch Diameter Hole---Female Red-tail size
  • Eagle "3" Grommet Pliers (TH225) --- 7/16" Inch Diameter Hole---Eagle Size


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