Braided Bungee Leash

Braided Bungee Leash

Braided Bungee Leash

The Braided Bungee Leash for hard-bating accipiters, buteos and falcons.  Bungee cord consists of a multi-strand rubber core sheathed with woven Dacron cord which allows only a safe amount of stretch to cushion without injury.  When a raptor bates the leash will stretch, preventing leg and feather damage.  Leash comes with leather button braided on either 26" Inches  long for Small Accipiters/Falcons or 4' feet long for Peregrine to Red-tail. The braided bungee leash is especially good for hard and fast-bating accipiters.


  • Small Braided Bungee Leash (LE033) --- 26" Inches Long ~ for Small Accipiters/Falcons
  • Large Braided Bungee Leash (LE035) --- Four (4') Feet Long ~ for Gos/Harris/Red-Tail-size Raptors


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