Leash-Launcher Leash

Leash-Launcher Leash

Leash-Launcher Leash

Say Goodbye to "Perch Potato" Raptors! The Launcher Leash is a unique and exceptionally effective strength and aerobic conditioning device for your Goshawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Harris' Hawk or large falcon.

It was developed, tested, and proven by Greg Thomas, who has almost 50 years hawking with the Red-tail Hawk.   In a short 10-15 minute workout, indoors or out, you will see remarkable results! No matter if it's raining, windy, dark outside, or even during the molt, your bird can still get a great workout to keep it strong and fit. Consisting of a five foot long piece of super flexible latex tubing filled with lead shot, it weighs an average of 13.5 oz. or 383 grams. Its trigger snap connector allows easy on/off attachment to jesses or swivel. The Launcher Leash uses the proven concept of regular, progressive weight training to produce significant increases in strength, aerobic capacity and confidence in your raptor. This translates into superior field performance and healthier birds. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

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