Frozen Eight-Week Old Coturnix Quail

We are now supplying frozen eight-week old Coturnix Quail.

We ship Mondays only by ground UPS to the western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Shipping time is two to three days via ground UPS. Average shipping and handling varies from $30-$45 based on destination and will be more $$ than shown on your order confirmation.  The shipping cost also covers the cost of the cooler box.  If you do not live in those Western States the quail must be shipped by  3-day air at a much higher cost since it is a frozen commodity. If that is the case, please contact us for a quote for UPS air service.

Eight-week old quail average 5-6 ounces each (weights with legs removed).

Our minimum order is one box of 100 quail. One-half to one whole quail is a full day’s meal for a raptor the size of a Peregrine Falcon, Red-tailed Hawk or Great Horned Owl.  Much less for smaller raptors.   We advise a sprinkle of Vitahawk Maintenance vitamins on the quail every few days for best nutrition.

Our quail are supplied to us by a commercial breeder.   The quail are humanely dispatched with CO2 gas then blast frozen and kept at -10F to reduce bacteria growth.  Each batch of 2000-3000 quail are laboratory tested with random samples for Avian Flu,  Avian Bordatella and Claustridia.

Brad Wood feeds his own breeding flock of 70 raptors with these quail every day of the year.  You can be assured he does not take any chances with viruses, bacteria or spoilage.


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ORDERING: Minimum order is 100 quail packed in ten Ziploc bags in one box. This amount stays frozen longer in shipment. Our boxes are lined with dense foam board which helps keep the quail frozen until you receive them. Any number of quail can be ordered in boxes of 100 each.WE SHIP ON MONDAYS ONLY. THIS ASSURES US AND YOU THAT YOUR QUAIL WILL BE DELIVERED DURING THE WORK WEEK. YOU CAN CALL 1-360-446-3212 TO CHECK AVAILABILITY & SHIP DATE. WE GUARANTEE QUALITY FROZEN QUAIL FOR YOUR RAPTOR NEEDS.

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Price: $174.95

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Frozen Six Week Old Chickens Are Now Available

We sell frozen six week old white leghorn chickens for raptor food. We have fed them to over 60 raptors in our breeding project for over five years and highly recommend them.  Orders are shipped directly from a farm in Montana.  We can only ship them to states that are within a three day ground UPS delivery time:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North and South Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. All other states would required three-day UPS air shipment which is expensive.

Features of these frozen chickens include:

*Each weighs 10-14 ounces at six weeks old.

*Half of one can feed a raptor the size of a Red-tailed Hawk or Peregrine Falcon.

*Legs are cut off and there is no food in their crops

*They are fed high protein feed that does NOT contain any hormones or antibiotics.

*USDA confirms that the farm and state of Montana have not had any disease outbreaks the past ten years.

Minimum order is one box of 72 chickens @ $1.89 each= $136.08 per box plus ship cost.   Ship cost varies by location but will average $21 to $54 per box.  If you are concerned about the cost of shipping please contact us.


Price: $136.08

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Game and Leather Cutting Scissors

These short seven inch long stainless steel scissors are indispensable for cutting leather and/or meat for your bird. We have tested them for months both in our shop when making leather products and cutting up hundreds of quail to feed the 75 raptors in our breeding project. The blades remain amazingly sharp and do not become loose like most expensive scissors.  The extra large red handles work well for both right and left handed users and are easy to find when dropped.  An absolute ‘must’ to have in your tool kit!


Price: $7.95

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Leather and Meat Scissors

These low priced stainless steel polypropylene scissors beat all the other styles hands-down for cutting leather and small whole birds and mammals for raptor food.

We have not found them to jam or get dull from cutting through leather, feathers or hair.

Buy more than one and stash them in your vest, bag, mews and vehicle for instant access.


Price: $7.95

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