Standard Pakistani Bells

Standard Pakistani Bells

Standard Pakistani Bells

Standard Pakistani Bells...Standard Pakistani bells are still being made the same way with the same combination of metals  as they were a hundred years ago.

Crafted in small villages in Pakistan out of thinly pounded brass, coated with gold coloring.  We match them for half tones. Each pair comes with a pair of oiled tan kangaroo bewits with instructions for a custom fit.

Standard Pakistani Bells- four sizes

  • Size 1 (BE100) --- Female Red-Tail/Gryfalcon
  • Size 2 (BE105) --- Large Falcons/Male Harris's Hawk/Male Red-Tail
  • Size 3 (BE110) --- Coopers Hawk/Tercel Falcons
  • Size 4 (BE115) --- Merlins/Sharpshinned Hawk


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