English "D" Style Swivels

English “D” Style Swivels

English “D” Style Swivels

We now make our own style of this popular swivel! Each swivel is meticulously machined, welded and polished out of surgical stainless steel. The special design prevents jesses from sliding into the middle and jamming the swiveling action. Great for lures and hawking bags too!

Northwoods English-Style Swivel Sizes:

  • English"D"" Style Swivels Size 5---Merlin/Kestrel Size
  • English "D"   Style Swivels Size 4---Peregrine/Harris' Hawk Size
  • English "D"  Style Swivel Size 3---Red-tail/Gryfalcon Size
  • English "D"  Style Swivel Size 2---Eagle Size
  • English "D" Style Swivel  Size 1---Extra Large Eagle Size


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