Deluxe Loud Ringing Pakistani Bells

Deluxe Loud Ringing Pakistani Bells

Deluxe Loud Ringing Pakistani Bells

These are NOT your run-of-the-mill Pakistani bells...let's just say they are a 'revved-up' version with amazingly loud ring that compare nicely to any American-made bell. They are produced for Northwoods by a skilled Pakistani falconer who uses only the finest pure brass, electroplates them with silver and polishes them to a fine shine.

Their loud ring is not only due to the quality metals but the stainless steel clappers not found in other bells from Pakistan. Each clapper is hand machined with multi-faceted sides that topple and ring the bell with any movement of your bird.

Just a really nice modern improvement to an otherwise ancient and cherished bell. Each pair comes with a pair of oiled tan kangaroo bewits with instructions for a custom fit.

Select from five sizes:

  • Size 1 (TH200) -- Female  Red-Tail/Gyrfalcon
  • Size 2 (TH205) --- Large Falcon/Female Harris's/Male Red-Tail
  • Size 3 (TH210) --- Tercel Falcon/Tercel Gos
  • Size 4 (TH215) --- Female Coopers/Tercel Falcon
  • Size 5 (TH220) --- Merlin/Sharpshinned Hawk


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