Braided Barrel-Swivel Leash System

Braided Barrel-Swivel Leash System

Braided Barrel-Swivel Leash System

A revolutionary, braided leash system.


  • Jesses
  • Braided-In Barrel Swivel
  • Leash


A virtually tangle-proof, ultralight, and durable system in five sizes for Kestrels to Eagles. The braided jesses fit through the grommets in standard leather anklets with corresponding size 00, 0, and 1 grommets.  (Jesses are also sold separately.)

  • Micro (LE095) --- Kestrel/Sharpshinned ~ Five (5") Inches Long
  • Small (LE100) --- Merlin/Cooper's Hawk ~ Six (6") Inches Long
  • Medium (LE101) --- Peregrines/Gyrfalcon/Tercel Harris' Hawk ~ Seven (7") Inches Long
  • Large (LE102) --- Female Red-Tail/Female Harris' Hawk ~ Eight (8") Inches Long
  • Extra-Large (LE103)---Eagle ~ Twelve (12") Inches Long


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