Modified Traditional Style Jesses---Brown or Black

Modified Traditional Style Jesses—Brown or Black

Modified Traditional Style Jesses—Brown or Black

This is a modified version of Traditional Style Jesses designed and tested on our raptors. They are made of high quality kangaroo leather for hawks and falcons (cowhide for eagles).  We hand cut these out of light to heavy weight brown or black kangaroo leather (or brown cowhide for eagles). After the leather is cut we soak it in hot non-toxic lanolin which greatly lengthens the life of the leather as well as waterproofs it. For nonreleasable educational raptors only. Traditional one-piece jesses are permanently attached to the legs unlike Aylmeri anklets and jesses.  This method of permanent attachment is illegal in North America for Falconry purposes.  A lost trained raptor cannot remove them and  may become tangled and suffer injury or death.  They are still legal to use by licensed rehabilitators on permanently injured raptors kept for educational purposes. Size is determined by sex and species. Please supply the GENDER and SPECIES  of bird in the box provided below.   Watch the video below for instructions on installing them (make sure to watch in full screen)!



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