Vitahawk Breeder

Vitahawk Breeder

Vitahawk Breeder

Vitahawk is a high quality vitamin supplement for raptors. It was developed and tested by a leading avian nutritionist, veterinarian and raptor breeder.

Vitahawk Breeder is for breeding raptors and should be used in conjunction with Vitahawk Maintenance. It contains high levels of vitamin E, which serves to ignite the breeding instinct.

Vitahawk Breeder ingredients include:

  • dextrose
  • vitamin E
  • ethoxyquin (preservative)

Bottle size and type

  • Vitahawk Breeder---100 gram bottle (HE040)
  • Vitahawk Breeder---300 gram bottle (HE 045)

To order large quantities of Vitahawk please call our office at (800) 446-5020 for  a quote.


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