Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics

Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics

Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics

We have used the Buddy Digital Egg Monitor for the past ten years at the Northwoods Falcon Ranch to test egg fertility of Aplomados, Peregrines, Gyrs and Harris’s Hawks in both artificial and natural incubation locations.  Since that time we have rarely resorted to using an egg candler to determine if an egg is alive from approximately 10 days to hatch. The usefulness of traditional candlers ends once the chick fills the egg the second half of its incubation.  This is where the Buddy really excels by giving you instant monitoring of the chick's heart rate. The Buddy uses special electronic sensors that amplify any movement or faint heart beat in the egg 20,000 times!  The Buddy Mk2 model is the second version of the Buddy developed for the thicker shells of falcons, hawks and eagles.  It’s new sensor design and placement enables faster detection of the heart rate.

Simply turn the Buddy on, place the egg on the sensor cup and close the lid. You will instantly be given information from the on board LCD screen via a flashing heart, Pulse read out, and three-digit heart rate. Knowing this vital information will help you avoid disaster by mistakenly discarding eggs that may be over the normal hatch date.  Plus, your valuable developing eggs will not be damaged by a hot light from overuse of a candler.

The Buddy, most often located in the incubation room where eggs are closely monitored, can be taken directly into the breeding rooms to quickly check clutches of eggs---helps make the sometimes difficult decisions to double clutch or not based on knowing if the eggs are alive or not.  We have even heard of raptor biologists taking them into the field to check the eggs of wild raptors!

We import them directly from the United Kingdom. Comes ready to use and operates on one 9 volt battery (included).  One year warranty.

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