Cool North Wind by Stephen Stuebner

Cool North Wind by Stephen Stuebner

Cool North Wind by Stephen Stuebner

When Morely Nelson was a boy, growing up on a farm on the North Dakota prairie, he watched a falcon knock a duck out of the sky. That event triggered a life-long passion.

His achievements in falconry, nature films, raptor-rehabilitation, conservation laws, raptor- electrocution issues and the recovery of endangered Peregrine Falcons have made a major impact on the welfare of birds of prey in North America and around the world.

Cool North Wind is a story of a man who has lived life to the fullest. "Trying to describe Morely is kind of like trying to describe the mountains over here that we look at when we got out to fly our birds. You can count and list his achievements, but you can't really list what Morely is or what he isn't, because he's like the mountain,"  says Bill Burnham, president, The Peregrine Fund.

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by Stephen Stuebner---2002---Hard cover 458 pp.

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