Acorn-Style Bells

Acorn-Style Bells

Acorn-Style Bells

Northwoods Acorn-Style Bells are machined and silver soldered from select sheets of nickel/silver and pure bronze for long life and loud ring. Each bell goes through at least a dozen steps before it's buffed to a mirror shine and ready to wear by the finest falcon or hawk. A tiny machined stainless steel clapper contributes to the loud ring at the slightest movement by your bird. It's nice to know if your bird is just scratching or doing battle with the neighbors' cat! Each pair comes with a pair of oiled tan kangaroo bewits with instructions for a custom fit.

  • Size 1 (BE300) --- Female  Red-Tail/Gryfalcon
  • Size 2 (BE305) --- Large Falcons/Female Harris's/Male Red-Tail
  • Size 3 (BE310) --- Tercel Falcon/Tercel Gos
  • Size 4 (BE315) --- Female Coopers/Tercel Falcon
  • Size 5 (BE320) --- Female Sharpshin/Female Merlin
  • Size 6 (BE325) --- Jack Merlin/Tercel Sharpshin


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