Hawking Bag---Northwoods Waist Hawking Bag

Hawking Bag—Northwoods Waist Hawking Bag

Hawking Bag—Northwoods Waist Hawking Bag

A really comfortable hawking bag you wear around your waist! We've taken the popular "fanny-pack" design, enlarged it and added falconry-useful pockets and attachments.

There is one large zippered and ventilated pocket that will fit a whole jackrabbit, pheasant or a couple of live pigeons.  Two small zippered pockets, for meat tidbits or small items, are attached to the outside of the large pocket along with a hood clip ad knife sheath.  The material is rubber-backed  durable forest green nylon pack cloth for easy cleaning and years of good hawking.  Two inch wide webbing belt adjusts to fit most waists. Small/Medium fits from 32" x 46" waist and the Large/XLarge fits from  46" to 68" waist.


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