Long Leaf Astroturf – Green

Long-leaf Astroturf for mew, outdoor perches and scales. Easy-to-clean and keeps feet healthy. Easily glued or tacked to perches. Pile height is .85 inches.  This astroturf allows water to run easily through numerous holes and can be tacked, screwed or glued to most porous surfaces. Standard—1 foot  X  3 feet Piece—Green  $26.95 Full Rolls of either color are available at almost 50% discount—3 feet X 50 feet   $749.95 (equivalent to $15.00 per 1′ x 3′ piece )  Note: this item is dropped shipped to your address, we will contact you with an exact cost for shipping.

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Please select Long Leaf Astroturf Color (1′ x 3′ pieces) or full roll below.

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Stadium Synthetic Turf 1 x 3 Foot Piece

This is a 1 x 3 foot piece of the authentic synthetic turf used in sports stadiums and preferred by many falconers over the longleaf Astroturf. It is similar to cocoa mat but does not rot and is easier to clean.

The dense “turf” is made of dozens of soft green half-inch high nylon “grass” blades per square inch. These are woven into a tough backing that will drain water and does not fray. Easy-to-cut and glue onto block perches, wrap bow perches or use in the mews.

  • Standard size 1 foot x 3 feet Piece
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Customer cut larger pieces up to 15 feet wide are also available—please contact us for a quote.


Price: $32.95

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